John Knox (#2)

John Knox (#2)
Current Owner:Salmon Bay Barge Line Inc.
Current Location:Seattle, Washington
Current Condition:operational

Engine History

The John Knox is powered by two DMG-36 Enterprise diesel engines.

A fragment of a connecting rod bearing from the John Knox (on loan from the collection of Dan Grinstead) was featured at a museum exhibit during the 2007 Classic Workboat Show. The label read:

"This piece of metal is part of a connecting rod bearing from a 12" Enterprise diesel engine. It is the largest fragment recovered following a serious base explosion that resulted from chronic under-lubrication of the rod bearings. The friction caused by insufficient lubricant ignited vaporized fuel and oil in the engine's crank pit, which in turn caused the rod bearings to melt and re-congeal on the base.

"This explosion also ignited a pile of rags in the engine room. According to some accounts, the engineer on duty donned firefighting equipment and heroically extinguished the fire, while the crew stood by and shouted 'let it burn!'"