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Old Tacoma Marine, Inc.

Uganik Cannery

Washington Iron Works engine owned by Kodiak Maritime Museum; photo taken by Guy Denton
Model #: 3-125 Engine #: 7153
Bore & Stroke: 8 3/4" x 12 1/2" Cylinders: three
Horsepower: 90 RPM: 400
Current Owner: Kodiak Maritime Museum link
Current Location: Kodiak, Alaska map
Current Condition: Undergoing Restoration

Engine History

The Kodiak Maritime Museum's Washington Iron Works engine was originally ordered by the San Juan Fish & Packing Company of Seattle, Washington as stationary power for a belt drive. The company also ordered a four-cylinder marine engine of the same size for installation in its fishboat Caroline.

Eventually, the engine came to the Uganik Bay salmon cannery and was used to power a belt drive there. After the cannery closed, the Kodiak Bay harbormaster acquired the engine for the Kodiak Maritime Museum. Though the museum does not yet have a physical location, volunteer Guy Denton allowed the museum to store it in his garage and helped manage the restoration effort.

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