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tugboat Fearless

Wasington Iron Works diesel engine in the tugboat Fearless
Model #: 4-13 Engine #: 7426
Bore & Stroke: 10 1/4 " x 13 1/2" Cylinders: four
Horsepower: 160 RPM: 360
Current Owner: Western Towboat link
Current Location: Seattle, Washington map
Current Condition: Operational

Engine History

The Fearless was built as the Ruby II, a small tug designed as a link on the Ross Lake railroad spur to Ross Dam. Since the tug was brought into the Cascade Mountains by railroad car in 1937, it has been in almost continuous operation as a workboat. Its Washington Iron Works engine has logged more working hours than any other remaining engine and remains as reliable as ever as part of Western Towboat's blue and yellow fleet.

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