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Useppa Island Historical Society

Fairbanks-Morse Diesel Engine at the Useppa Island Historical Society
Model #: Y-VA Engine #: 591532
Bore & Stroke: 12" x 15" Cylinders: two
Horsepower: 80 RPM: 300
Current Owner: Useppa Island Historical Society link
Current Location: Useppa Island, Florida map
Current Condition: Display

Engine History

The Useppa Island Historica Society owns a two-cylinder Y model Fairbanks-Morse. It was used to provide power to Useppa Island residents before they were connected to the mainland electrical grid.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers recognizes the Useppa engine as a significant example of an "early high-compression, cold-start, full-diesel engine developed in the United States for isolated or rural power generation machinery before widespread electrification was available."

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