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Silversmith Power Station

Fairbanks-Morse Diesel Engine at the Silversmith Power Station
Model #: Y (2) Engine #:
Bore & Stroke: 14" x 17" Cylinders: two
Horsepower: RPM:
Current Owner: Silversmith Power and Light Corporation link
Current Location: New Denver, British Columbia map
Current Condition: Display

Engine History

The Silversmith Power Station has a two-cylinder Y model Fairbanks-Morse on display at in the historic silver-rush town of Sandon, British Columbia. The original engine was installed in 1917 to supplement the hydro-electrical generators during low times; it seized and was scrapped in the 1950s.

The engine currently on display at Silversmith was salvaged from either Taylor, BC or Jasper, AB, and installed in 1994. It is not currently operational; however, the station's hydro-electric generators continue to produce electricity for the small tourist town of Sandon.

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