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Sapelo Island Generator 2

Fairbanks-Morse Diesel Engine at the Coolspring Power Museum
Model #: 32E12 Engine #:
Bore & Stroke: 14" x 17" Cylinders: 2
Horsepower: 120 RPM: 360
Current Owner: Ashtabula County Antique Engine Club link
Current Location: Wayne, Ohio map
Current Condition: Operational

Engine History

This engine was one of two 1930s Y models from a private power plant for a tobacco magnate's estate on Sapelo Island, Georgia. It generated power until the 1960s, then sat idle for about 30 years with many of the original tools and parts nearby.

In Summer 2006, the two Y models and a 1950s opposed-piston Fairbanks-Morse were removed by Elden DuRand and Frank Luecke and donated to the Ashtabula County Antique Engine Club. The other Y-model went to the East Tennessee Crank-Up.

A volunteer crew in Ohio have been working hard on the engine and have built a spacious shed and mount for it, and re-attached the flywheel and crankshaft.

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