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New Britain Water Works Four-Cylinder

Fairbanks-Morse Diesel Engine, owned by the Quinebaug Valley Engineers Association

Model #: 32E14 Engine #:
Bore & Stroke: 14" x 17" Cylinders: Four
Horsepower: 300 RPM: 300
Current Owner: Quinebaug Valley Engineers Association link
Current Location: Colchester, Connecticut map
Current Condition: Operational

Engine History

The Quinebaug Valley Engineers Association operates the Zagray Farm Museum, which owns a Fairbanks-Morse 32E14 that powered a water pump at the New Britain Water Works.

This engine and another (the three-cylinder model here) were installed in 1938 and ran alternators that powered water pumps for fire control. They operated continuously until shortly after WWII. They were removed in 2004 during a renovation of the facility, and are now part of the museum collection. The museum plans to put the four-cylinder model back in operation as a demonstration in the near future.

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